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Summer of 1911 and while he was still teaching physics at the Piraeus High School, Michail Manoussakis, along with his brother Kostis Manoussakis, manufactured, in Kostis farm in Assini of Argolis region, the first 1000 cans of whole peeled tomatoes 1kg and a significant number of tomato paste cans ¼ kg, all imported from Tyrol Austria.

In 1914 the production of whole tomatoes and of okra was increased to 100.000 cans, with the participation of Papantoniou family, who supported the small industry with the amount of 60.000 drachmas.

In December 1914, the Company settles in it s own installations in Nafplio, where the firm’ s head offices still remain.

In April 1915 the first article of association is composed for the “ KYKNOS GREEK CANNING COMPANY”, first company of it s kind in the Balkans, with founders and members of the first board: Michael Manoussakis, Athanassios Papantoniou, Kostis Manoussakis, Vassilios Papantoniou, Ioannis Darmos.

The foundation of the industry offered the opportunity to process and conservate greek agricultural products of the Argolic land. Until then most of the crop used to rot in the field.

In 1928 the company establishes a second factory in Argolida, installing the first rapid concentrators that were used in Greece.

In 1960 buys out the factory “Argoliki” which was in operation in Argolida.

In 1963 the company’ s fourth factory is founded in the region of Ilia and gives the opportunity to other similar industries to develop there, exactly as it happened in Argolis region, and which from then on exploit the Ilia tomato production.

In 1965 the company introduced for the first time tomato ketchup in the Greek market and became, for the years to follow, strategic supplier for some of the world's most famous food companies.

In 2002-2003 the company completes the relocation of its tomato procession and product distribution centers in Savalia village in Peloponese.

In 2005 KYKNOS is the first company in Greece to be certified according to the EUREPGAP standards for intergrated crop management of industrial tomato that it processes.

In 2006-2007 the factory in Savalia is completely renovated and new production lines of latest technology are established.

In 2010,when the financial crisis is a fact in Greece, ICAP includes KYKNOS in the list of the STRONGEST COMPANIES in the country.For more information visit:http://www.icap.gr/Default.aspx?id=8172&nt=18&lang=2

In 2010 to today the company emphasises on it's human resources retraining it's employees and hiring scientifically trained personel. At the same time it is rewarded for it's innovative actions and for the use of new technologies.

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